State Has to Ensure Right to Life of Every Citizen Irrespective of Faith: Vice President of India

HARDOI, UTTAR PRADESH: Vice President Hamid Ansari today said the State has to ensure the right to life to every citizen irrespective of faith or creed, remarks that assume significance against the backdrop of killing of a man by a mob over rumours that his family ate and stored beef.
“The State has to ensure the Right to Life, enshrined in Article 21 of Indian Constitution, to every citizen of India, irrespective of the citizen s faith or creed.
“Citizens have a right to demand security and there could be no development till the security of citizens is assured,” he said addressing a Quami Ekta Sammelan organized here in the presence of dignitaries including Governor Ram Naik.
Citizens have a right to demand security and there could be no development till the security of citizens was assured, he said.
Mr Ansari said that unity among the people of the country is essential for India s progress and development.
The Vice President said that a meeting of hearts and minds of the people was essential for India to move ahead.
Mr Ansari said if there was a need to organise conference on communal harmony it meant that there was something amiss in unity.
“Kaumi Ekta are two words. Whether its south or north, the entire India is one community and unity is necessary, which had been said by our ancestors since ages,” he said.
“But if we need to organise a kaumi ekta sammelan, then it means that there is something a miss in unity,” he remarked.
He said that therefore it has to repeated time and again that unity was necessary for the country.
“Without this, the country cannot progress. People ask what is required for unity. The point is whether hearts meet or not. If hearts do not meet, then thoughts will not meet and people cannot march ahead together,” he said.
“Therefore when we say that we need development, which we do, if we have to make our position in the world, the most important thing is to strengthen unity,” Mr Ansari said.
The Vice President said that all persons were citizens of this country.
“We have our own religious books, but as a citizen, the Constitution is one religious book. It says Right to Life is basic right of every citizen,” he said.
Ansari said that everyone has to be told that security was needed.
“If there is any lapse in security, while the government is responsible, the citizens are also responsible, if we cannot protect our neighbours,” he said.
Mr Ansari said that if all citizens fulfill their responsibility then India would reach the top.
Ram Naik said unity was important in society and only then the counrty could progress.
He said that during the world religion meet at Chicago when all speakers addressed each other ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ Swami Vivekananda said ‘brothers and sisters.’
“It made an impact all over the world,” Mr Naik said.
He said that a ‘shlok’ is engraved at the entrance of Parliament that only those having a mean heart differentiate and those having bigger hearts refrain from doing this.
“The entire world is a big country. Whether its Quran, Geeta or Bible, all give one message to love and do good deeds,” he said.
Citing example, he said, “In Firozabad bangles are made by Muslims. We have to take this brotherhood forward.”
He said that unfortunately today there was a threat to the country and its unity.
To overcome this threat though unity is our responsibility. We should take a resolve,” he said.
SP MP Naresh Agarwal said “it will be an insult to our freedom fighter if we fail to maintain unity. It is the core ‘mantra’ of democracy.”
Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi praising Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav he said that at times “wrong” conclusions were drawn.