State Experiencing Feudal Rule: Mallu Ravi

Hyderabad: TPCC Vice- President Mallu Ravi on Friday alleged that the state was experiencing feudal rule and added that the ruling TRS Party was indulging in horse trading and encouraging defections from their party in the state.

Addressing the media here, he said that while TRS had won 88 MLA seats, the congress party had won 19 MLAs in the last year’s Assembly elections. He said that the TRS party fielded five MLC candidates despite the fact that it did not have enough numbers to secure victory in the fifth seat. Ravi said that there would not be any opposition in a feudal and monarchical rule in the state, while noting that there would be an opposition in all democratic systems. Commenting on the desertion of the party MLAs, he said that all the MLAs who had joined the rival TRS party were reading out the same script handed over to them by CM KCR. He predicted that the TRS party would soon explode while noting that KCR would be remembered as a leader who has committed a mistake in the history. Commenting on the suspicious death of YCP Leader YS Vivekanda reddy, he expressed his condolences to the bereaved family, while demanding a thorough inquiry in to his death.