Starving Yemenis forced to eat boiled leaves to survive

YEMEN: Many families with starving children in hunger-stricken villages of Yemen have nothing to eat but the leaves as a Saudi-led war continues to affect civilian lives in the worst possible way.

The footage filmed on Friday in the Aslam district in northern Yemen, one of Yemen’s poorest districts, showed the civilian are being forced to eat boiled leaves to survive.

YouTube video

Aslam, one of Yemen’s poorest districts, hosts both local residents and people displaced due to the ongoing conflict.

In the first six months of 2018, Hajjah province, where Aslam is located, recorded 17,000 cases of severe acute malnutrition, as per the Yemeni Health Ministry.

Excruciatingly thin toddlers, eyes bulging with papery skin stretched tight over pencil-like limbs and knobby knees give the picture of acutely malnourished children.

“We only have tree leaves which, however, cause many diseases. My children – one suffers from mineral deficiency and the other has kidney infections as the doctor said,” said a local woman.

“We might die because of this food and because of the lack of aid and clean water,” she added.