Starbucks’ festive coffees contain way too much sugar

Washington: It might look like a simple crimson container sized to hold coffee, but Starbucks’ festive red cup is much more than that.

After Starbucks introduced its festive red cups on 3 November, conservative MPs called the design “political correctness gone mad” and Donald Trump suggested a boycott.

However, it has been revealed that the coffee cups contain double amount of the recommended maximum sugar intake, the Independent reported.

Starbucks’ honey and almond hot chocolate contains 72.5g of sugar – over twice the maximum amount of sugar the NHS recommends; Eggnog latte, venti: 58.2g sugar, 547 calories; Toffee nut latte, venti: 50g sugar, 417 calories; Gingerbread latte ginger whip, venti: 47.9g sugar, 403 calories.

The NHS recommends those aged 11 and over consume a total of 30g of sugar a day, while the World Health Organisation recommends adults have no more than six teaspoons.

Simon Redfern, director of communications at Starbucks, said “Our Red Cups are all returning favourites which we know our customers love and enjoy at this time of year. For those looking to enjoy lighter versions of the same great flavours, our baristas can advise on options such as skimmed milk or forgoing whipped cream.”

He added “We continue to offer over 87,000 different drinks combinations at Starbucks so there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to enjoy your regular drink or an occasional treat.” (ANI)