Star Trek’ actress Nichelle suffering from dementia

Washington: Former Hollywood movie star Nichelle Nichols of ‘Star Trek’ TV series fame has been diagnosed with dementia.

According to her doctor Meena Makhijani, the actress is currently suffering from a moderate form of progressive dementia, reported TMZ.

The doctor further revealed that the actress has impairment of short-term memory besides also facing issues in understanding abstract ideas like the sense of time and immediate recall to name a few.

Makhijani, however, informed that there is no issue in regard to her long-term memory, her body orientation, and comprehension of things.

The former Hollywood star is also not facing any problem when it comes to verbal communication, concentration, recognition of familiar faces, and the ability to deduce reasons in a logical manner and planning for a future course of action.

Makhijani is well known for playing the role of Uhura in the ‘Star Trek’ series. She became one of the first black women to feature in a major television series.

( ANI)