Would like to have Stanford as knowledge partners, says Chandrababu

The Andhra Pradesh  Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu  met Dr. Lloyd B. Minor, MD. Dean of Stanford University School of Medicine, at California, USA today.


Dr. Lloyd in his opening remarks said that they are specialists in precision care and that they want to completely change the very nature of health care to one of personalized care focused on keeping people healthy.


The Chief Minister mentioned that he always admired Stanford for its academic excellence which prompted him to encourage his son to pursue his higher studies here. “Infact my daughter in law is also from here and I claim that I am a member of the Stanford family by association,” said the Chief Minister. He stated that he always believed that only education will change the future of the society.          The Chief Minister said that for Andhra Pradesh to grow at 15% every year, we would like to have Stanford as our knowledge partners. Later Mr. Ajay Jain made a presentation on Andhra Pradesh.


The Chief Minister called on the President and COO of Franklin Templeton, Ms. Jennifer Johnson.

Ms. Jennifer mentioned that their journey with India so far has been very comfortable and that they are looking for right opportunities for expanding their operation. “We are in Hyderabad thanks to you Mr. Naidu. We built a huge campus there during your last tenure “; she quoted.


Thanking Ms. Jennifer for her kind words, the Chief Minister said that his government is giving a big push to Fintech and that it is working towards further improvement of infrastructure and e governance in a big way.    Jennifer suggested that Andhra Pradesh and Franklin should together create a Fintech development fund and enquired about the availability of cloud infrastructure, high-speed broadband connectivity and also about the efficiency of telecome carriers.


The Chief Minister in his reply said that through the AP state Fiber Grid Project, the government is determined to provide internet connection to every home. He also mentioned that Google X will work with us to make Internet available to remote areas too.


Ms. Jennifer indicated that Franklin is ready for expansion and that they will make a decision on the location soon.           “We are not afraid to be first provided we are sure that things happen. I have confidence that you will make it happen given your track record in Hyderabad. I have trust in your leadership,” she stated.(NSS)