Stage collapses at BJP’s “Holi Milan” in Sambhal.

Sambhal: Several Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers were injured after a stage collapsed during a ‘Holi milan’ function in Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh on Friday.

BJP Kisan Morcha leader Avadhesh Yadav got injured in the accident.

“There was much excitement and enthusiasm among the party workers for the Holy Milan. As the crowd swelled the stage suddenly collapsed. Many of the party workers got injured but they are recovering now. I also have sustained a fracture (in leg),” said Yadav.

The incident was caught on camera.

“Dhwaja Mela is organised as a part of Holi Milan every year, but unfortunately this year the stage got collapsed as it went overcrowded,” Feroz Khan, an eyewitness told ANI.

“There were many people on the stage, it was overcrowded and suddenly it collapsed where all the BJP workers and party leaders were there,” added Khan.