Staff of Urdu Academy Computer Centre & Library heave sigh of relief, to get arrears

Minority Welfare Department will finally release salaries of Staff of Urdu Academy Computer Centre & Library. The employees of the above mentioned institutions were deprived of salaries for the past four months. However they were diligently working for various government schemes. They had to make representation on all levels for payment of salaries. They were just paid lip services for the past two months. Finally the government allocated Rs. 75 lakh for their salaries in the budget released for Urdu academy.

170 employees work in 43 computer centres and 30 libraries run under Urdu Academy. Two months ago they were handed over to Minority Finance Corporation but the corporation didn’t take interest in payment of their salaries. Following repeated representations the government has finally decided to pay off their arrears of 4 months. According to Minority Welfare sources 75 lakh have been transferred to MFC and the amount will be transferred to their accounts within two days.

Siasat news