SRK, Sush friends forever!

Mumbai, March 29: We didn’t say that. Sushmita Sen said that about herself! In the city to attend an event, Sush made a candid confession. When asked what was that Sushmita Sen one thing in her life that she would not want to talk about in public, she said, “Meri zindagi ek khuli kitaab hai.

Aur mere baare mein aisi koi cheez nahi hai jo duniya ko na pata ho shayad. Woh isliye bhi, kyunki main bahut besharam hoon. And a situation where I feel scared in giving answers to any questions posed to me will not be a good situation at all aur main nahi chahti ki aisa mahaul kabhi bhi paida ho.”

Sen looked a lot slimmer in a dazzling black saree, which was a good thing but behaved a lot busier, which was not so cool! “Mujhe maaf kar do is baar, main zyada baat nahi kar sakti,” she told everybody she met. But we couldn’t have let her go just like that, na! Is she miffed with SRK for not shooting for Vivek Vaswani’s Dulha Mil Gaya, we asked her? “Of course, not! SRK is shooting for the film. He has an entire song in it. He and I are friends and that equation will not change ever. I am upset with all that has been written about the film, him and me though!” said Sush.

And what about her films, we haven’t seen her on the silver screen for a really looooong time now! “All my films are underway. There’s Karma Aur Holi, then there’s Do Knot Disturb too. And you will get to see a lot of me now,” she said. Point taken, but there have been as many controversies too. “Yes, I know I have been misquoted at times and there have been controversies regarding my films, but then it’s a part of the film industry,” added Sush.