Sri Lanka blasts: Officials took no action against radical group despite warnings, claim Muslim leaders

Colombo: On Tuesday, Muslim leaders claimed that despite warnings, officials responsible for security took no action against the group that is responsible for the attack which took place on Easter.

They alleged that the leader of the extremist group who is responsible for the attack had started posting videos three years ago.

As per the report published in AP, a group by name, National Thowheeth Jamaath (NTJ) has allegedly carried out the attack on Sunday.

Talking about the negligence of the officials, Mr. NM Ameen, President of Muslim Council of Sri Lanka claimed that intelligence official did not take any action.

It may be mentioned that Muslims came to know about the leader of NTJ, Zahran Hashmi three years ago due to his speech which was available online.

Hilmy Ahamed, Vice President of Muslim Council said that there was a hate campaign against all non-Muslims.