SRF to set up a pilot plant for new generation HFO 1234yf

New Delhi : The Board of Directors of SRF Ltd., an intermediate chemicals manufacturer and a leader in refrigerant gases, approved an investment proposal for setting up of a pilot plant to manufacture next generation refrigerant gas, HFO 1234yf.

The breakthrough initiative will make SRF the first technology developer outside US and Europe for manufacture of HFO 1234yf, which is expected to find increasing use in car air-conditioning systems globally in future.

By venturing to develop its own process through strong and proven in-house Research and Development capabilities in refrigerant gases and high value fluorine based products, SRF Ltd. has further reinforced its expertise and demonstrated its leadership in this niche domain.

The in-house technology will also allow SRF to manufacture, brand and sell HFO 1234yf in India and in global markets and also develop other HFO refrigerants in future.

The capex for setting up a pilot facility for HFO 1234yf is a milestone step in SRF’s journey towards becoming an Research and Development based chemical manufacturer at the world stage.

The roots of SRF’s success in the space of Research and Development go back to the mid 90’s when it became the first company in India to have indigenously developed the technology to manufacture HFC 134a and HFC 32.

Till date, SRF remains the only producer of HFC 134a in India and has recently commissioned its HFC 32 plant, again with its own technology.

SRF’s success in manufacturing HFO 1234yf will be a path breaking initiative as the development is likely to come soon after the gas was introduced by global manufacturers in international markets. Being an indigenous process, this is not only in line with Prime Minister’s initiative of ‘Make in India’ but, more importantly, it reflects the ‘Made by India’ philosophy as well. (ANI)