Spurt in ‘Crimes Against Women’ in Cyberabad Dt This year

There has been an eight per cent spurt in ‘Crimes Against Women’ in Cyberabad police district during the year 2015, while there was a eight per cent reduction in property crimes.

Among the crimes against women, the dowry murders rose from 11 in 2014 to 13 in 2015, the number of dowry deaths rose from 48 to 55.  Similarly, cases of harassment rose from 1352 to 1487, rape from 139 to 152, outraging modesty from 503 to 577 and bigamy from 52 to 56. Abetment to suicide   There has been a decrease in cases of abetment to suicide from 96 to 83, women murders from 44 to 40 and kidnapping from 90 to 55.


Commissioner of Cyberabad police C V Anand, addressing the media here today, said that 8 per cent increase in reporting can be taken as a good sign that women are coming out more complaining.  There have been 2518 cases under ‘crimes against women’ during the year, as against 2335 during the previous year.  He said that crimes which are specifically against women are characterised as ‘crimes against women’.


The Commissioner stated that policing 70 lakh people with just 7000 police officers spread over 3700 square Kms is a real challenge.  “Our slogan is ‘effective policing’”, he said.  The district recorded highest property recovery (79 per cent) in the State during the year.   He claimed that there have been no custodial deaths/ violence and minimal complaints against Cyberabad police.

Sensational cases

Anand said that 193 cyber crimes cases were reported in 2015 as against 259 in the previous year.  He said the Police have arrested the accused Mohammed Abdul Majid who created fake facebook profiles on different names, and chatted with about 200 school girls and collected pictures from them and threatened, harassed them for money.

They have also arrested 21 Nigerians who were involved in matrimonial cheating by creating fake profiles in Matrimonial site and chatted with ladies by various modes and made them to deposit Rs. ten lakhs.

He said that 8,600 cases were filed in LB Nagar limits and very few cases were filed in Kandukuru limits.

Stating that the police were giving top priority to the women protection, Anand said that eve-teasing was lessened with the ‘She Teams’. He said that 3896 road accidents took place in the year 2015 and 420 chain snatching cases were filed in Cyberabad limits. Praising the traffic police work, Anand made it clear that they were moving forward without disturbing law and order with cooperation from all corners.(NSS)