SPR chief urges people to share country’s positive image

Islamabad:Chief of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor seems to be committed to highlighting the positive image of Pakistan via social media.

He posted a challenge for the citizens on his personal Twitter handle asking them to share such images which would highlight some positive acts being done by people in the country.

He also promised a reward for the best images out of the submissions.

“Dear all. Let’s have an activity. Post a pic projecting positive image of Pakistan here. Best 3 posts will get a prize. Request NO politics, No foreign enmity! Any negative post from anyone/ abroad be ignored. Starts now till 11:59 pm on night 30th Jun 18” Major General Ghafoor tweeted.

Major General Ghafoor requested the participants to refrain from indulging into any display of enmity or negative politics via their posts.

It will be a week-long challenge aiming at highlighting the positive work undertaken in the country.

Various social media users posted pictures depicting the positive steps undertaken by the citizens or organisations in different field including the planting of saplings, and pictures various globally-recognised Pakistan-origin personalities. (ANI)