Sport simple ear studs, delicate chains to your workplace

New Delhi: Everyday office jewellery is all about keeping it simple and elegant. Invest is some elegant pieces of ear studs and delicate chains and opt for stackable rings to make a statement and yet look classy, suggest experts.

Leshna Shah, Founder and Creative Head at Aurelle and Sonal Sahrawat, Creative Head at Sonal’s Bijoux and Adawna, have listed jewellery tips to enhance your 9 to 5 office look:

* Make a statement with earrings: Opt for simple options like ear studs or little inched-danglers as they give a simple yet stylish look and compliments well with your formal attire.

* Pearls can never disappoint: Bring out your professional best with delicate pearl jewellery. This sets out sophistication and aesthetic appeal.

* Look bold with rings: While selecting rings you can opt for ring designs like the stackable ones and spiral shaped ones engraved with small diamonds on the top. You can also match a bracelet with a contrasting ring.

* Select simple pendants for necklaces: Delicate chains or necklaces are more appropriate for office environment than big neckpieces. Add a chic diamond studded pendant to your gold chain. It would definitely give you that dash of glamour. If you have nothing but a necklace as your accessory, make sure you are not going overboard with it.

* Opt for subtle colours: If you like colours, settle for those that do not bring a lot of bling to the table. Choose colours like black, white, grey that will bring an elegant look.

* Wear a classic brooch: A brooch is an instant hit on formal wear and gives a classic touch to your look. It can be worn on the lapel of a blazer or a cardigan.