Sport seeking “favours”, Intikhab to domestic match referees

Karachi: Former Pakistan Test captain Intikhab Alam has shot a strongly worded letter to the domestic match referees warning them to refrain from seeking any undue favours from the officials of the country’s cricket cricket board.

Intikhab, who is the Director Domestic Cricket Operations of the Pakistan Cricket Board has been forced to send out a letter after finding out rampant lobbying being done by match referees in domestic tournament. The letter was sent on July 28 to the match referees.

“In this connection, all concerned are hereby strictly advised to refrain themselves with such practice,” Alam said in the letter.

He further issued a warning:”It may be noted that failure to comply with the above will be viewed seriously by the management and may result in cessation from the PCB panel,” Alam stated.

The letter is significant since it is the first time that a top PCB official has admitted in writing that the culture of seeking promotions, postings and benefits through connections does exist in Pakistan cricket.

For long now, some PCB officials have been accused of indulging in nepotism and favoritism. Allegations have also been made that favoritism and nepotism have a part to play when umpires are appointed in domestic cricket or for international events where the ICC is not directly appointing match officials.