Spiderman hangs around in train in Boston

New Delhi: A man hanging (in a literal sense) in the Boston subway train is breaking the Internet.
Dressed as Spiderman, the man was seen hanging upside down from the handrails of the train. The purpose of who and why remains unknown.

However, the ‘hanging’ Spiderman has left the Internet in a frenzy. Some people took to Twitter to share this interesting incident and share their thoughts on the same.

A user tweeted a video of the masked superhero checking a smartphone while hanging upside down on a train, “Just another day on the #MBTA.”

Another user posted a picture of the guy on the platform and wrote,” Even #SpiderMan takes the @MBTA.”

Another one wrote,” How is he using his phone??? Spidey cosplayers know that struggle all too well. Myself included.”