Spider-Man reboot has Marc Webb excited

Los Angeles, July 16:The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is “really excited but a little sad” about the upcoming reboot of Spider-Man.

The 40 year-old director said he is prepared that Spider-Man is going back to Marvel Universe. “I’m really psyched that Spider-Man is going back to the Marvel universe, I’m really excited to see that incarnation,” he said.

Tom Holland was recently cast as Spider-Man for the reboot to be directed by Jon Watts. “Jon Watts is directing it, I knew him from the old music video days and he’d done some really fantastic music videos, so it’s really exciting. It’s sad a little bit to surrender that in a way – but it’s as it must be, I guess,” said Webb, who directed the previous two Spider-Man films.

“I think there’s a huge capacity for reinvention within the realm of the Spider-Man universe. It happens all the time in the comics, and as I’ve said many times before, Spider-Man belongs on screen. And there’s a lot of different ways to interpret that character whether it’s Miles Morales or Peter Parker or whomever. I’m really curious to see how that evolves,” he added.