This spicy-food lover gets offensive `WHITE PPL` receipt for ordering mild curry

London, Sept 26 : Being a fan of non-spicy foods may not be a good idea as a man, who ordered a mild venison curry from London’s local Indian restaurant, received a note that read “VERY MILD, WHITE PPL” on his takeaway meal.

Stuart Lynn as expected got offended with the note, which suggested that white people couldn’t handle a hot curry, and complained back to the Valentine Restaurant, Southall, west London, the Mirror reported.

Lynn, who is a Heathrow Airport supervisor, said that the note implied that white people couldn’t deal with strong curries, which is not true as he likes to have hot curries sometimes and wanted to have a mild one for a change.

Although, Valentine Restaurant later apologised and promised to change its labeling, however, defended by stating the word “ppl” meant milk i.e. white curry and this was just a mere misunderstanding. (ANI)