SpiceJet pilots’s permit cancelled after he fails alcohol test

New Delhi: Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended the permit of one of the SpiceJet’s pilots, on grounds of him failing the breathe analyser test for the third time.

Breather analyser tests are conducted randomly by DGCA at airports to check whether pilots are drunk before flying.

“Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) of a Spicejet commander, who detected BA positive for the third time, has been cancelled by DGCA,” said an official. The pilot used to fly Boeing 737 and it was on July 11, when he was caught the last time at the Delhi airport, reported Hindustan Times.

However, Spicejet has not yet commented on this.

Rule 24 of Aircraft Rules prohibits crew members from taking any alcoholic drink 12 hours prior to the commencement of a flight and it is mandatory for him or her to undergo an alcohol test both before and after operating a flight.

Any crew member who tests positive in the pre-flight medical check or refuses to take a breath-analyser test is to be taken off flying duty for at least four weeks and the airline is required to initiate disciplinary proceedings.

As per the current rules, a pilot’s flying licence will be cancelled in case of a third violation.