SpiceJet pilot scares passengers by aborting landing seconds before touchdown

Hyderabad: Passengers of SpiceJet aircraft flying from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad had a spine-chilling experience on Sunday when the pilot aborted landing, seconds before touchdown.

The aircraft circled the airport for about 10 minutes before finally landing with a thud. The aircraft took off from the Port city of Vizag at 9.30 am and the pilot announced the plane’s descent to Hyderabad an hour-and-half after it. However just before the landing the pilot decided to nose up into the sky owing to high temperature and turbulence.

The Times of India quoted a passenger narrating the nightmarish experience thus: “The landing gear was out, we had all fastened our seats belts and could see the runaway, when suddenly the plane aborted landing and took off again. My wife clutched my arm as the aircraft swerved and nosed high up into the skies. We were all scared and there was no announcement either, on what happened down there.”

However the passengers heaved a sigh of relief as everything was fine at the end.

As per the SpiceJet’s statement due to high temperature and turbulence the approach unstabilized in the last 200 feet and the pilot decided to do a go around. If the turbulence is extreme, the aircraft can violently get tossed about and it becomes difficult to control it.