SpiceJet pilot locked himself in cockpit with air hostess, sacked

New Delhi: A pilot of the Spicejet airline has been sacked for allegedly asking the chief air hostess of the flight to sit with him in the on both legs of an international flight.

According to media reports, the pilot, a Commander, also sent his co-pilot to leave the cockpit, and locked himself inside with the air hostess aloneĀ  for a long time and allowed her to sit on the pilot’s seat.

The incident took place in an international Boeing 737 flight flying from Kolkata to Bangkok on February 28 this year. Not only once but twice his shameful actions was repeated on return as well.

The case has been considered as a major security lapse for making an unauthorized person sit in the pilot’s seat and alleged sexual harassment at workplace.

An inquiry has been initiated by the airline and the case has been informed to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for further action.