Spice up your look with right accessories

New Delhi: Accessories well to give a boost to your overall look, says an expert.

Ishita Sanghal Gupta, founder, Zurova.com, suggests how:

* Choosing pastel shades accessories are a favourable option adaptable to both, an outdoor and an indoor setting. Also, in shades varying from silver to rose gold, the accessories can accentuate your look.

* An easy way to make your outfit look more flattering is to pair it with rings and neck chains. They will attract attention to the collarbones and fingers.

* Colourful feather earrings or pendants will go well with a cuff for a bohemian look for a day out.

* For a dinner date, you can go bold or opt for an elegant look. Wear bold make-up with statement jewellery. Chokers studded or otherwise go beautifully with a bold outfit. Pair it with knuckle rings and a metal timepiece or cuff to give the finishing touch. If you choose to go the elegant way, go for a statement necklace and a cuff.