Spend thriftiness and un-Islamic thought and action damage Muslim community – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that hundreds of matrimonial alliances have been finalized through Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) program. He was addressing the gathering organized in connection with 65th Du-ba-Du program at S.A. Imperial Garden, Towlichowki yesterday.

Delivering his presidential address, he exposed this bitter reality that a few days back a survey was conducted which revealed that Rs. 4-6 crore have been spent for a Muslim marriage which means so far more than 4000 crore rupees have been spent which is shameful for Muslim community. He advised the Muslims to avoid unnecessary expenditure and un-Islamic rituals in marriage which are ruining the community. Despite insistence from various corners, we are not refraining from unnecessary expenditure.

He advised the parents to decide matrimonial alliances on the basis of character of the girl and not her beauty. So long as we do not change our present status, problems would remain unresolved and they would become more and more difficult.

He informed that NRIs from America and Saudi Arabia are the guests of this function. They desire that such programs should be organize in America also where parents are anxious about finalizing matrimonial relations of their daughters.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan thanked the cooperation of Mr. Mohammed Moinuddin, President, Federation of Towlichowki Colonies for organizing such programs. He not only provided function hall free of cost but also participated in making arrangements.

Ms. Parveen Mohammed (USA) told that she is a Hyderabadi but she regretted that Muslim community is facing various problems in arranging marriages. Ms. Amreena Khaiser (Saudi Arabia) told that she is carrying out research on the issues girls are facing, especially regarding marriages. She advised the Muslim community to perform marriages in a simple manner. She pointed out that Hindus celebrate their marriages in Temples and Christians in Churches but why do the Muslims prefer to celebrate their marriages in function halls. We should change this attitude. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qadeer, Vice President of MDF welcomed the guests and parents. Mr. Shahid Husain conducted the program. Mr. Zahid Farooqui monitored computer section. In all, 305 girls and 105 boys were registered for marriages.

—Siasat News