Spell Bee League – the new age game show for kids

New Delhi: Nowadays children are in a league of their own, bursting with talent and ready to take on the world.

Singing, dancing and cooking reality shows, bring out the talent in kids.

But not many options are available to challenge their minds and enhance their mental edge by doing so.

So, Spell Bee League, a yet another contest for spellings is what makes things different and exciting.

Spell Bee League is not just about spellings, or pronunciations or word origins. It takes a leap towards inculcating confidence and a love affair for the English language that lasts a lifetime, with mind stimulating activities leading up to the competition days. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Exclusively for students, this one of a kind competition (Shows), will have different categories based on the age of the child. Each category will have five levels before the target can be reached.

The categories will be Tiny Tots for Standards 1 & 2, Sub Juniors for Standards 3 & 4, juniors for standards 5 & 6 and Seniors for Standards 8, 9 & 10. The contest will first be shot in Karnataka in December 2018.Soon the length and breadth of the country will be covered.

Challenging these brilliant minds, Spelling Bee League is aspiring to penetrate the young minds from Karnataka, Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Chennai and even Singapore. The initial stages will be at the school level. Chosen candidates will go to the studio rounds. 200 schools across Karnataka, are set to participate, and are excited to audition for the Qualifier Round which will be happening all the way through till 30th of November.

“Spell Bee League is definitely going to be a remarkable contest for young aspirants. Large numbers of students across India will enroll and participate, and experience a unique learning driven competition. Every word they spell correctly will take them a step closer to the grand prize. This contest will re-inculcate the fast disappearing hobby of reading,” said co-founder, Naveen M.

Fun-filled and challenging is what Spell Bee League is going to be. This is an opportunity for children to win exclusive passes to visit Universal Studios Singapore and other prizes worth Rs. 1 lakh. You can register through schools or independently.

“The uniqueness of spell bee league also lies in the fact that it is going to be an experience where children will learn about humility and spirit of giving. We are also opening our competitors to the students from schools at underprivileged sectors which cannot afford to participate in such competition. Along with this we are also brining out childhood safety awareness and elements of kindness and keeping animals safe through our associations and exercises,” said Madhu HS.