Hyderabad: Speed limit rules to come into force

Hyderabad: The traffic police at Cyberabad has put limits on speed for different lanes of the Outer Ring Road due to the rising number of accidents.

Four patrol vans are deputed by the Hyderabad City Traffic Police, which are equipped with speed laser guns and breathalysers to move around 24*7 on ORR in three shifts.

According to new rules for ORR the maximum speed on lanes 1 and 2 will be 100 kmph and minimum 80 kmph. On lanes 3 and 4, the maximum will be 80 kmph and minimum 40 kmph. Faster-moving vehicles would be on the right side (lanes 1 and 2).

The police have kept heavy vehicles to move only in Lane 3 or Lane 4.

While changing lanes, vehicles should use indicator lights and take necessary precautions. No vehicle should stop on any of the lanes and no passenger vehicles shall stop on the ORR to pick up or drop passengers.

No 2 or 3 wheelers or 7-seater autos, wrong side driving, entry from exit roads and exit from entry roads are strictly ruled out on ORR. The rules have come into force on May 23.