Special summer care launched for animals in Tripura zoo

Sepahijala (Tripura) : The Sepahijala Zoo Authority in Tripura has taken a few measures through scientific management to beat the dry hot summer and keep the animals cool and healthy under special care.

“The cages are sprinkled with cold water and gunny sacks have been tied in them which are kept wet to act as natural cooler and to reduce heat radiation,” said Zoo Director Pallab Chakraborty .

“Most are the animals are bath regularly and their water vessels are kept filled so that the animals do not have any scarcity of drinking water and to ensure their hydration.”

Pools and special water bodies have been created with the enclosure of the water-loving animals like hippopotamus so that they can splash and enjoy in the water.

However, other bigger animals like elephants are bath will cool water on regular basis daily and sometime even twice during hot afternoon.

Khalil Mia, an elephant keeper, said: Daily morning we are bathing the elephants and after that we graze them in the jungle and at around 4 PM we feed them with khichari (rice and lentil combination) and bath the once again. We are keeping them throughout the day in shade because elephants generally prefer to stay in water like buffalos and pigs as they love to remain cool. We have even prepared few shades so that they get shade and wind and do not have any problem.”

One of the biggest open zoo in the country, Sepahijala is situated 25 km south of capital Agartala, and is inside the reserve forest having thick canopy throughout which act as natural shade for the animals.

In spite of this the zoo authority is taking no chance and covering the top of the cages so that direct sun ray can be avoided and which will bring down the heat inside the cage so that the animals live under shade and stay cool. This provision will give the animals the required shade to rest during the daytime.

Changes have been brought in the supplied food of the animals, while some are provided with green grass other herbivores are given a special diet during summer, which has more seasonal summer fruits.

Zoo veterinarian Dr Keshab Debnath informed that along with round the clock supply of water and change in the diet of the animals he is also prescribing ORS for the animals in order to keep dehydration at bay.

In spite of the hot summer the Sepahijala zoo is attracting large number of visitors who appreciated the zoo authorities’ summer management steps and enjoyed their day under the natural shady ambience of the zoo. (ANI)