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Speaking against Intolerance is crime now: Karnataka CM

Speaking against Intolerance is crime now: Karnataka CM

In the midst of the growing debate on intolerance, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that vested interests are trying to spread hatred among communities and wants to suppress voices of those speaking up on Intolerance.

Speaking at Doordarshan on Tuesday on the eve of the Republic Day, he said that people who are working to build the nation on democratic principles, public intellectuals were concerned over growing intolerance.

“Some fundamentalist are talking today of building the nation on the foundation of religious nationalism… This is contrary to the spirit of plural democracy,” he said and added that progress depends on rational thought and development of science and technology. It was unfortunate that the educated are falling prey to superstitions, he said.

“A country can witness growth only through scientific and technological and by showing tolerance towards every religion” Siddaramaiah added.

Those who are victims of Intolerance for centuries are now questioning it,to that vested interests are forcefully portraying as crime,” said the Chief Minister. “This is dangerous and people need to wake up to it”, he said.