I speak my mind if I feel there is a need, says Zaira Wasim

Mumbai: Zaira Wasim says she is an introvert but will not shy away from speaking her mind if the need arises.

The 17-year-old actor says she does not raise her voice time and again but would not be afraid to do so when push comes to shove.

In an interview with PTI, Zaira says, “I am an introvert. I don’t speak openly or give my opinions. But if I feel there is a need to speak or take a stand I do it. Otherwise I am not an opinionated person, I don’t voice my opinion so frequently.”

Her recent release Secret Superstar, also featuring Aamir Khan, is garnering a positive response from the audience and that is what matters to her.

“I don’t understand box office numbers all I know is we are getting good reviews. A great story defines the success of a film. We knew it has a wonderful story but we did not expect this kind of overwhelming response to it.

“Some people have liked the mother-daughter relationship, while some the domestic violence part or strength of women.”

The Advait Chandan-directed film is Zaira’s second film after last year’s release Dangal and the actor says she is open to doing all types of films, albeit they are content driven.

“I am not being able to register my method (in acting) or what I want to do in terms of roles and films. I am yet exploring myself as an actor.

“I will be interested in doing an entertainer, provided the story is good and I am convinced about it. My strength for acting is my conviction for it.”

Zaira says, since Dangal days, her home state of Jammu and Kashmir has been proud of her work and she is happy Secret Superstar has also been well received.

“I am from Kashmir but after Dangal was released I went to Jammu and we had a screening of the film for some people and they loved the film, the character, it was emotionally steering. It (the working environment) is very easy. They take so much pride in my work.

“Coming to the sentiments of the people I know what I would feel (for a film or character) it would be the exact same feeling that they (people in Jammu and Kashmir) would feel back home. And I am very careful about that. I know what they will like in a film. Same way if I feel let’s ignore it, they would feel exactly like that and might not like it.”

The actor says she would be happy if more people from her state followed her into the film industry but does not want to be a role model for anyone.

“It is their (audience) wish if they want to get in, it is their choice. I don’t want people to look upto me and say that she has gone so even I want to go. It should be their individual choice.”

Zaira says she considers Aamir as her friend, who is just a phone call away.

“Everyone calls him Mr Perfectionist but for me he is Mr Passionate. He is so dedicated. If you work with a person like him you also want to give your best. You want to match step by step with his dedication to work,” she says.