Spalding shooting: Gunman shoots dead Mother and Daughter, kills himself

Spalding shooting: Gunman shoots dead Mother and Daughter, kills himself

Lincolnshire: 40-year-old mother and a daughter,20, was shot dead by a gunman outside a swimming pool. He then shots himself in a suspected murder suicide.

The incident took place outside Castle Sports Complex swimming pool at around 9am on Tuesday.

Police, paramedics and the county’s air ambulance were called after the swimmers and staff heard gunshots. They ran out to try to stop two of the victims bleeding to death. The police rushed to the spot and cordoned the area.

Lincolnshire Police said the incident is said to be linked to a domestic dispute.

One witness, a builder, said. ‘At about nine o’clock three shots went off while I was working on the building site. I ran across the car park, jumped over the fence and went to help’.

‘When I arrived there was only me and another lad from the swimming pool who was trying to help. There were three people injured. It looked like the man had done the other two and done away with himself.’

Schools were told to keep their students inside and local businesses locked their doors until police were sure the shooter was dead.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that there has been a firearms incident on Pinchbeck Road in Spalding in the vicinity of the Castle Swimming Pool, in which three people have been fatally wounded, including the suspected offender. There is an ongoing police investigation and at this stage we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident’.

‘There is no indication that this is a terrorist related incident and no shots have been fired by police. We would urge members of the public to stay away from the area at the present time.’ added the spokesman.

Gary Porter, leader of South Holland District Council, described the shocking events as a “tragic family incident.”

He said: “I feel sorry for the people’s families who are involved and be grateful it’s not yours.”

Castle Sports Complex swimming pool said on its Facebook page that. “The Sports Centre remains open as usual and we will update the website with any developments.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”