Spain offers job to Syrian refugees of Hungary episode

Madrid: Osama Abdul Mohsen and Zaid, the Syrian refugees tripped by a journalist when fleeing police in Hungary in the now-famous video, will arrive on Wednesday in Spain to settle in the city of Getafe.

A district prosecutor in Hungary on September 10 launched an investigation into the case of a camerawoman who was caught on video tripping a migrant father carrying his child, Hungarian news agency MTI reported.

The father and son will be received by Miguel Galan, the president of the national coach training centre, where Osama would work, as he was a coach in his country for the al-Fotuwa club.

Galan, who is running for president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, was able to contact them through a Spanish journalist and proposed that they live in Spain, according to a statement from the centre.

The centre noted that Abdul Mohsen’s son wanted to become a soccer player.

To make his offer, Galan had the help of a Moroccan citizen who lives here and speaks Arabic, and flew from the Spanish capital to meet with the father and son in Munich.

Galan intends to bring the rest of the family to Spain next week.