SP leader blames BJP for attacks on docs, vegetable vendors

Ballia: Samajwadi Party leader Ram Govind Chaudhary on Friday blamed the BJP’s politics of “hatred” for the recent attacks on doctors and vegetable vendors.

“The BJP government has been formed on the strength of hatred and lies which has made trading hatred as its mission. The result is in front of all,” Chaudhay said in a statement.

“The result is that doctors are being attacked, vegetable vendors are being beaten up and the government, instead of maintaining amity, is trying to damage it,” Chaudhary, who is also Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, said.

There have been reports of doctors and vendors being attacked in some areas of the state.

Chaudhary said Mahatma Gandhi had given will power and the strength of labour to the helpless, which the BJP government has “damaged because of its unplanned decisions”.

“This has forced 30 per cent of the population to face conditions prevailing before 1947,” he charged.