Sowparnika, first real estate firm to support arm wrestlers

Bengaluru: Sowparnika Projects, a Bengaluru-based real estate firm, has taken up an initiative to stand by a sport which is less-recognized, but holds immense potential and becomes a popular one in the near future.

Along with the Sakra World Hospital, Sowparnika Projects sponsored the first-ever “International Ranking Series” on March 16th, 2019 at the Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru, in presence of a team from the Professional Arm Wrestling League (PAL). For the very first time, the team will be participating in the Asia ranking tournament for the Asia Cup which is scheduled to be held in Japan.

The objective was to promote and develop the sport of arm wrestling to further nurture the sport and introduce the talents at the highest level. The event has witnessed around 150 participants with over 50 national and international champions. Dignitaries like Kirill Yakovlev, Director of communications at PAL, Igor Mazurenko, President at PAL, Zil Fadli, Head Referee at PAL, Ronnie Sehgal, CEO at Bulldog Arm Wrestling, Raja Mukherjee, CMO at Sowparnika Projects, and Dr. Banarji B H, Senior Consultant, Department of Orthopaedics, Sakra World Hospital, were present at the venue and give the audience their inspirational talks.

“It’s an honor to share a platform with such talented sportspersons. Arm wrestling as a sport is less recognized, but I see a lot of potential in the existing talent. We, at Sowparnika, are extending our support to all the arm wrestlers and wish to be part of the growth of the sport in the best way possible. We also offer units to the arm wrestlers present at the venue under the zero cost scheme, thereby helping them fulfill their dream of owning a house. We look forward to associating with these athletes and join hands with them in their upcoming journey,” said Raja Mukherjee, CMO at Sowparnika Projects.

“It gives us immense pleasure in having people around us with so much support towards the arm wrestling community, which is on a par with other sports in the country. We, at PAL, look forward to it and firmly believe in the rise of arm wrestling as a sport to reach great heights because of the extraordinary talent and will-power the athletes have. We encourage and train our athletes in a way where they not only dream of achieving success but also experience success in reality. We are very optimistic and thank each of the sponsors for believing in us and extending their warm support towards us,’’ said Igor Mazurenko, President at PAL.

Sowparnika will sponsor all athletes who will make their way to the “International Ranking Series” and compete in Poland. The mission and vision of the company are to develop arm wrestling as a sport and become a prominent real estate firm working towards the same.

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