South Korea’s women observed to be a heavy boozers

South Koreans, world’s top consumers of liquor. It has the highest per capita consumption of liquor in the world and giving tough time to the public-health officials.

South Korean women are observed to be more alcoholic than men. Every night at least seven million bottles of soju rice wine is consumed.

Alcohol-fuelled violence is a major occupational health and safety issue for emergency service workers. The police officers respond to several calls for help to rescue intoxicated individuals on the streets of Seoul.

Choi Kyungreol, a police officer said, “The number of calls we are getting involving drunks is increasing,” he said. “Women make up most of our callers now. They’re destroying themselves with liquor. It’s heartbreaking.”

The easy availability of liquor is the main cause of this violence. Soju wine costs only $1.

Police officers can see the human cost of alcohol-fuelled violence, the physical injuries, the emotional toll, and the sheer pointlessness of it all.

Most of the alcoholics have blasted liquor companies’ advertising tactics using celebrities to lure people, including young women, into drinking.

“People look at these advertisements and see celebrities having fun and downing liquor,” said Jin one if the alcoholic, he added. “Naturally, this encourages consumers to drink more. It’s all a big lie.”