South Korean boat collision: Death toll rises to 15

Washington: The death toll in a collision between a fishing boat and a refuelling tanker off the South Korean coast has risen to 15 after bodies of two missing victims were recovered on Tuesday.

On Sunday, it was reported that at least 13 people died and two went missing in the maritime tragedy.

20 passengers and two crew members were on board the Seonchang-1, a chartered fishing boat, when it crashed into the 336-tonne (370-ton) tanker before capsising near the port city of Incheon, west of Seoul, reported CNN.

The collision happened nine minutes after the boat departed from the shoreline as the two vessels passed each other under a bridge.

President Moon Jae-in had directed emergency responders to continue search and rescue operations until those still missing, including the boat’s captain, were accounted for.

At least six airplanes and six vessels were drafted in as part of the search, the report said. (ANI)