Sourav Ganguly dropped as Kolkata Knight Riders captain

New Delhi, March 25: Kolkata Knight Riders coach John Buchanan has dropped Sourav Ganguly as captain of the IPL team for the Twenty20 tournament to be held in South Africa from April 18 next month.

The team will have four captains, team coach John Buchanan announced on Wednesday in Kolkata.

Times Now had reported on Tuesday of a rift between the coach and the captain and that Buchanan wanted Dada to be axed as captain.

Buchanan had expressed favour of a rotating captaincy in a match.

“Sourav and I had a long discussion yesterday and decided that there need not necessarily be a fixed captain. Often a captain can be out in the middle, or may be dismissed or be off the field…in a 20-20 format we cannot waste time and so we will use the experience of all the other players we have in the team,” Buchanan told reporters in Kolkata today.

“Reacting to KKR’s ‘four captain’ formula, Sourav Ganguly said, “It is new and I think we will have to access it. John has all the right to make the decision, he is the coach of the team…He has been pretty open about his views and we will stick to it. I have nothing to say about this.”

Clearly dejected, Sourav Ganguly, however attempted to put up a brave face and said he was not upset by Buchanan’s decision.