SoundLink Revolve: A powerhouse Bluetooth speaker from Bose

New Delhi: Now that Bluetooth speakers have almost become a necessity, the segment is witnessing a boom as well as bringing new technologies and features to give music aficionados 360-degree, omni-directional sound.

Bose, the undisputed leader in this space, has introduced two versions of its cylindrical Bluetooth speakers — SoundLink Revolve (which we review here) and SoundLink Revolve+, for Rs 19,900 and Rs 24,500.

Cased in an aluminum body, SoundLink Revolve works as an excellent device for any indoor event and given that it is shock-resistant, it can also be used for an outdoor party.

The device comes with “IPX4” certification which makes this speaker water- and bump-resistant. It can withstand light splashes or even a drizzle.

The volume, playback, Bluetooth, AUX and power buttons are neatly placed on top of the speaker.

A multi-function button controls music playback and can be used to activate voice assistants like Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

While the company claims that the speaker runs for 12 hours on a single charge, we were only able to play it for eight hours and 43 minutes.

With its excellent uniform design and size, SoundLink Revolve proved to be a powerhouse with crystal clear sound with a discernible difference between high and mid notes and vice versa.

SoundLink Revolve, with its superior sound, not only played louder but the bass response was also good. The details were precise and the background score did not disturb the lyrics.

It can be attached to almost any tripod with the threaded universal mount, has easy charging through a micro-B USB port and auxiliary input allows users to connect with other audio sources.

The “Bose Connect” app makes it easy to connect and automatically switch between Bluetooth devices.

You can use the app to connect any two SoundLink Revolve speakers in “Party Mode” or get even closer to the feeling of a live performance by switching to “Stereo Mode”.

An optional “charging cradle” keeps SoundLink Revolve charged and ready.

What does not work?

The speaker does not come with the charging dock and one has to buy it separately.

When compared to “JBL Charge 3”, the Bose SoundLink Revolve has less bass. “Charge 3” also had 20 hours of playtime.

Conclusion: If you are a Bose lover, stay put as SoundLink Revolve will not disappoint you. Though a bit on the high side in terms of the price, the speaker will almost certainly become your best music companion.