The sorry tale of families of Naushad and Mustaqeem

Aligarh: Naushad and Mustaqeem were killed in police encounter in Aligarh. When the team of United Against Hate reached to visit their family members, police officials misbehaved with them. A senior journalist who had arrived to meet their family members told Inquilab correspondent that the family of Naushad and Mustaqeem are in such a pathetic condition which cannot be described in words. Police have harassed them badly. The family members are starving. If the neighbours provide them something to eat police object and do not allow them to take the food items. Those who visit the family are closely monitored. The visitors are harassed by capturing their photographs. Police also took away the Nikah papers of Mustaqeem’s widow. Police even took away the doctors prescription of the little girl who is suffering from ear pain.

After meeting with the victims, when the delegation reached the police station, the police officials misbehaved with them. A large number of anti-social elements came in support of the police and began shouting slogans. They were so much emboldened due to the police support that they were ready to beat the delegation.