Sooner or later Islam will prevail: Hazrat Maulana Syed Salman Husaini Nadwi

Hazrat Maulana Syed Salman Husaini Nadwi says Islam will prevail. Those who think that their religion will be vanquished and Muslim will be defeated, killed and oppressed, should know that Islam will prevail. It is the truth. Those who don’t believe this is a hypocrite and non-believer.

Maulana asserts Islam will be victorious. Hence propagate religion openly. Make people aware of who is the last prophet? What are his teachings? Which is the last book? Don’t get influenced by the environment. Don’t get pressurized by it. Make the truth prevail and fight against falsehood, through tongue, pen and manners.

Maulana Nadwi says the invitation to truth should reach every nook and corner of the world. And sooner or later Islam will prevail.

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