Soon, eco-friendly plastic roads in Maharashtra

Mumbai: Government of Maharashtra has come up with a new initiative of using plastic in building roads that helps reduce soil pollution. The government decided they will now use plastic waste, along with tar, in an order to not only better durability of asphalt roads, but also lower soil pollution.

The waste content for construction use will mostly include plastic carry bags. The use of waste plastic thus contributes to construction of green roads. While researching about this technology in the past, The Central Road Research Institute realised the numerous advantages of using plastic wastes in bituminous mixes. The centre explains, “Studies have revealed that plastics waste have great potential to use in bituminous construction as its addition in small doses, about 5-10 per cent by weight of bitumen, helps in substantially improving the marshall stability, strength, fatigue life and other desirable properties of bituminous mix, leading to improved longevity and pavement performance.”