Sony to launch new toy called Toio for first time


Sony has unveiled its new remote-controlled “Toio” cube a  children’s toy for the first time at the opening of the International Tokyo Toy Show.


Toio is the result of 5 years of research into developing a toy that’s simple enough for kids to use. It is made of two motorised cubes with wheels. It is smaller than a matchbox and paired with ring-shaped remotes.



The movement sensors in the hands of the users will allow them to control the direction of the cubes at the twist of their wrist.


The Japanese electronics giant confirmed that the company currently has no plans to launch the toy worldwide. It will hit the Japanese market on December 1.


Sony has released a limited quantity of toio sets that start at 21,557 yen (about $200 USD) and go up to 33,415 (about $300 USD).


Children will be able to customise the cubes, for example by attaching their own paper cutout creations, and race or battle each other remotely. The toy is designed to inspire a future generation of robotics engineers.