Sonu Nigam row: The moment PM Modi stops his speech for Azaan

MUMBAI: Amid the entire Sonu Nigam Azaan row, a lot of videos has been circulated on the social networking sites that shows how few personalities like Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Mamta Banerjee pay respect when they hear Azaan.

Likewise, an old video of PM Modi has been circulated where the prime minister during addressing a rally at Kharagpur paused his speech for a while as soon as the sound of azaan was heard and waited patiently for its completion.

During the Assembly polls in the year 2016, while canvassing for BJP candidates at the BNR Ground here in West
Midnapore district, Modi immediately halted his speech when he heard the Azaan’s voice coming from a nearby masjid.

Even as thousands of people who had gathered there egged him to continue, Modi gestured with his hands signalling them to calm down.

“Excuse me, azaan was on. Because of me, there should not be any problem to anyone’s worshiping, so I paused for a few minutes,” Modi said, before resuming his speech.

Earlier in November 2014, BJP president Amit Shah had taken a similar pause during his address in Kolkata.

With agency inputs