Sonia calls for early passage of Women’s Reservation bill in LS

New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday said ‘maximum governance’, which is the philosophy of the BJP-led NDA Government, means giving women their rights and, therefore, the long pending Women’s Reservation bill should be passed at the earliest in the Lok Sabha.

Speaking on the occasion of International Women’s Day in the Lok Sabha, she said, “The philosophy of this government is said to be that of ‘maximum governance, minimum government’. I don’t agree with part of minimum government. I do have serious reservation of problems with the way maximum governance itself is perceived.”

“Maximum governance is more than just economic growth. It involves expanding space for debate, for disagreement and for the expression of different point of views without inviting retaliation. Maximum governance involves giving freedom to civil society, NGOs, often led by women to carry out campaign on behalf of those whose voices are seldom heard. Surely it doesn’t mean having double standards in relation to women and their rights,” she added.

Speaking at the first-ever National Conference of Women Legislators on March 6, President Pranab Mukherjee made a strong pitch for reviving the Constitution amendment Bill to give 33 percent reservation to women in Parliament and the state assemblies. (ANI)