Sonam is here with a seriously pleasurable style project

Mumbai: This season, an irresistible affair between Magnum and a celebrity style icon is brewing. A dollop of pleasure and a sprinkle of style are the ingredients that make this summer romance a seriously pleasurable one.

Intriguing, isn’t it? A secret project that’s been under wraps is finally here. It’s time to experience the latest collaboration between Magnum and global fashionista, Sonam K Ahuja.

Nailing the cool-kid-on-the-block aesthetic, Sonam drips with panache. Having struck a balance between high fashion and street style, this diva has defined a new era of chic-glam.

Much like Magnum’s penchant for taking pleasure seriously, Sonam too believes in the power of pleasure to weave her own, individualistic style stories. Wondering where this is going? Time to unravel the mystery. Inspired by Magnum’s mantra – #TakePleasureSeriously, Magnum in collaboration with Sonam has created a web series showcasing everything that goes behind making this diva an effortless style icon.

The 5-part web series titled The Style Project decodes Sonam’s trademark style secrets and inspires you to create your unique style narrative. From style obsessions and trends to dares and secrets – if you’ve ever wondered how it all comes together perfectly, this is where you get the answers. Sonam spills it in this tell-all that spells sheer style + fun and you can catch all the episodes on the diva’s Facebook and Instagram page as well as on the official Magnum website. The web series also reveals an exclusive collection of accessories inspired by Magnum; an exquisite interpretation of the ice cream brand’s essence – pleasure and style.

“Magnum is a hallmark for indulgence and style excellence. To be on board with a brand that reflects exactly what inspires my style is thrilling. I take my style very seriously and take pleasure in the art itself. My mantra is a serious style which is a serious pleasure. With Magnum, I’m here to co-create a space that encourages fashionistas to break free from stereotypes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this sinfully stylish series,” said Sonam K Ahuja.
Fans can watch these webisodes on Sonam’s Facebook and the Instagram page as well as on the official Magnum India YouTube Channel.

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