Sonali excited about first ‘mom-son collaboration on book club’

Mumbai: Actress Sonali Bendre says she is excited about her first collaboration on the book club with son Ranveer.

“As we come close to the end of another year, it’s amazing to see how much this book club has grown and how I can see tangible effects. After my son hosted his first SBC Live, he’s become more enthusiastic about reading, so much so that he has now recommended a book for us,” Sonali posted on Instagram on Sunday along with a photograph of her and her son.

“So the next book for SBC is ‘Half Brother’. I’m really excited as it’s the first mom-son collaboration on the book club, and I’m looking forward to exploring this book with you all! The family that reads together, Sonali’s Book Club.”

Earlier this year, Sonali, who was undergoing a metastatic cancer treatment in New York, had shared that the 12-year-old even took on “being the parent” sometimes.

“In some situations now, he even reverses roles and takes on being the parent, reminding me of things I need to do,” Sonali had written on social media.