Sonakshi gets ‘junk’ instead of headphones, shares photo on Twitter: Here’s how Amazon responds

Mumbai: Actress Sonakshi Sinha had ordered a pair of headphones online and wasn’t impressed as she ended up getting junk instead.

“Hey Amazon India! Look what I got instead of the Bose headphones I ordered! Properly packed and unopened box, looked legit… but only on the outside. Oh and your customer service doesn’t even want to help, that’s what makes it even worse,” Sonakshi had posted on social media.

She had even posted a photograph of the box.

“Anybody want to buy a brand new shiny piece of junk for 18,000 bucks? (Yup, its a steal). Don’t worry, I’m selling, not Amazon, so you’ll get exactly what you’re ordering,” Sonakshi had added with sarcasm.

According to the report published in Republic, responding to Sonakshi Sinha’s claim, Amazon issued an official statement and tendered apology to the actress. Amazon said, “As a customer-centric company, we take great care in the safe delivery of our customer packages. While we are investigating this incident, we have resolved the issue for the customer and regret the inconvenience caused”.