Son disobeys; mother bangs his head to the wall until his death

Hyderabad: In a gruesome incident occurred in Viqarabad town on Friday night, an alcoholic mother banged her son’s head to the wall resulting in his instant death. Faimina Begum wrapped her son Rehan’s head with a towel and banged it to the wall when the eight-year-old kid didn’t obey her orders.

Faimina Begum, who hailed from Viqarabad, was married to Qadir. The couple shifted to Hyderabad and had three children Mariyam (11), Rehan (8) and Zakia (7). However a year after Zakia’s birth, Qadir left the family and is missing.

Faimina along with her three kids again shifted to Shivareddypet village of Viqarabad. Faimina who worked as a housemaid and did tailoring as part time, got addicted to alcohol.

On Friday evening when Faimina served dinner to the children, Rehan continued playing outside and did not walk in for long. Faimina who was in an inebriated condition dragged Rehan into the house and started beating him. Even as his other siblings intervened she covered his head with a towel and banged his head to the wall repeatedly.

The boy collapsed, fell to the ground and died. The mother took the body along with her other kids and rushed to her maternal home in Shivareddypet village with a plan to dispose of the body at night. However neighbours spotted her and alerted the police.