California mosque burnt during Friday prayer – Trump blamed

Someone tried to burn the California mosque during Friday prayer. Officials at the Islamic Society of Palm Springs in Coachella told local media that someone had “fire-bombed” the mosque.

Worshipers and Imam of the mosque fled for their lives after the front of the mosque was engulfed by flames. However, no casualties were reported. Authorities are investigating the attack against the mosque.


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Meanwhile, worshiper blamed Republican Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump for fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment. It is to be noted that Trump has called for complete ban on all Muslims entering US and maintaining a national database of all Muslims in the country. According to AFP, Kassim al-Mushr, a worshiper said “We love America. Trump, he attacked Islam and maybe some people listened to him”.

According to “The New York Times”, many American Muslims said that they are experiencing death threats, assaults and vandalism unlike anything they have experienced since the 9/11 attacks.