Some wonders of up cycling

New Delhi [India]: Up cycling is a way to reduce waste as one can turn trash into treasure and help save the environment in the process.

It takes existing products and materials and turns them into practical new items – instead of simply throwing them away.

One can use his/her creativity of transforming unwanted items into something practical and sustainable, which can be used again and extend the lifespan of an item by repurposing it. Also, anyone would love to receive a creative up cycled gift rather than a mass-produced item purchased from a store.

In light of this, LoveThisStuff brings you the up cycled and environment-friendly products created by different designers to promote the three R’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


Funky tyre stools: This upcycled tyre stools from scrapshala is the most easily maintainable stuff you can add to revamp the house. Perfect for people upto 100 kgs. Place it indoor or outdoor.

Babaji glass table bottle: Serve beverages in style with this upcycled glass bottle from scrapshala that comes with a wooden cork and is completely washable. Because glass bottles are safest and resist bacteria.

Womaniya swag kettle glass set: Womaniya themed quirky and stylish kettle hand-painTed exclusively for house that are unique and quirky. Can be used for serving tea/water, as a planter or table decor.


Chappat Planter Set of 15: The eco-friendly Chappat Planter is great for small spaces and big. Something for your hallway, your kitchen or for that tiny bit of empty space on the living room wall. It easily hang up anywhere and they make an amazing wall installation when it comes together.

Mini Wonky Vases Set of 5: These cute little glass bottle vases are just perfect for all those flowers you can’t buy! The single bloom you picked up from the road on your morning walk or the leaf from the neighbours tree which is just the right green. It is small in size and easily fit in any corner of your home or garden to decor.


Kettle Lamp Aquamarine: There are lamps…and then there are our kettle lamps! Classic aluminium kettles, repurposed to brighten up any space. Designed for easy installation and to give you ample light, they’re the easiest way to transform your room into a vibrant, colourful space!

JamLamp Technicolor: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant and Green Apple! Our Technicolor JamLamps come in a set of 5 Lip-Smacking colours! Made from the jam Bottles you used to Devour as a Child, this Lamp is Designed to add a Vibrant Colour Palette to your Space. Serving as mood Lighting and Decor Piece, All at the same Time?!? Each Jar Has Holes on Top to Expel Heat so yourJamLamp Never Gets too Hot to Handle! How Many People does it take to Install a JamLamp? Just one – It’s that Easy!

Poppadum Art Street Light Shaker: Lighten up your taste buds!These salt and pepper shakers are actually made with real bulbs! Go on, shed some light on your food!

PyjamaParty :

Recycle. Reuse. Rehydrate hand-painted bottles- Flower Fixation: Beautiful wine bottles are given a new lease on life with Pyjama Party’s Recycle. Reuse. Rehydrate range of quirky,eclectic range of hand-painted bottles.

Quirky Kitsch Dhobi art- hangables: Drawing inspiration from the myriad of colours seen at ‘Dhobi Ghat’,we’ve tweaked the tried and tested washing bat and upcycled this vintage product which takes you back in time, when washing machines weren’t around and handy wooden bats were used to smack clothes clean.


Book Clutch: A clutch made from excess canvas sheets and painted with a favorite book cover makes for a unique and quirky fashion accessory with a cause.

Denim Pocket Hoop Art: A pocket from an old jeans upcycled into something useful by placing it on a handpainted fabric and framed into a hoop makes for a unique piece of wall art.


Handcrafted slip-ons with soles made from up-cycled rubber,Soft cushion padding on the bottom and inside,Breathable cotton lining inside and bottom Natural mutlicolored cotton fabric on the upper,Shipped with a reusable cloth bag.Mace Yellow and B&W. (ANI)