Some popular iPhone apps are recording your screen secretly

Some popular iOS apps may be recording your iPhone screen without asking for your permission or notifying you about it. Companies like Air Canada, Hollister and Expedia, are recording every tap and swipe you make on your iPhone.

According to the report published in the TechCrunch, some popular apps in the App Store deploy ‘session replaying’ into their applications which can record every single move a user makes on their app, including entering sensitive financial information.

The session replay technology lets app developers record users every single tap, keyboard entry, button push, etc. It is supposed to help improve customer experience and to identify obstacles in conversion processes on their applications or websites. However, the data is captured only while a user is within the app.

Once a user’s session is recorded on the device, it is sent back to the app developer. This means anyone with access to these replays can access sensitive information.

What’s even more shocking is that none of the apps involved in recording the screen discloses it to their users, even if they’re doing it for analytics purposes.

Moreover, TechCrunch didn’t find any of the apps the company reviewed mentioning screen recording in their policies. There’s actually no way a user can know their screen was being recorded all this time.