Some Muslim leaders are mentoring terrorists: VHP

VHP on Saturday accused some Muslim leaders for “acting like mentors of terrorists, calling them “traitors and enemy of humanity.”

Acting in response to AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s remarks, which suggested 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon was facing gallows because he is a Muslim, VHP joint general secretary Surendra Kumar Jain said:

“Sometime Owaisi, sometime Abu Azmi, sometime Azam… In the name of religion, they act like mentors of terrorists, who are traitors and enemy of humanity, and give threats to India. Such people have no right to live in India.”

The outfit said politicians and churches with “jehadi mindset” are bringing a bad name to India in the name of religion. The VHP leader alleged that iIn their zeal to oppose Hinduism, these leaders start opposing the Constitution and country.

Jain made the statement at the inauguration of two-daynational conference of Bajrang Dal, a Hindutva outfit linked with violent activities in the past.

The BJP had described Owaisi’s remarks given during a rally in his Parliamentary constituency Hyderabad, as an “uglier form of communal politics.”

Several Hindutva outfits have been accused of being behind controversial activities like ‘love jehad’ and ‘ghar wapsi’, which have invited concerns from minority groups.